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Ignorance is a dangerous bliss

Before I started working for a news organization, I ignored the world. I ignored discrimination, politics and mass shootings. I ignored natural disasters and how they tore apart thousands of families around the world. I ignored the news updates of fraud and political injustice. I wouldn’t let myself think about it, because if I wasn’t…

Sister Dunlop addresses the students in the taylor chapel for a summer devotional.

Experiencing devotional

Robin Dunlop, a student financial aid advisor at BYU-Idaho, spoke at devotional about embracing changes when God redirects life plans. Dunlop said as a child she wanted to be a singer or a writer, but life changed. She shared other experiences about when her life plans turned a different course. “I never dreamed it would…


We are the hinges of history

“He looks sad mommy! Why does he look sad?” The little girl stood next to my camera, wide-eyed and desperately tried to yell over the roar of anger. Disgust spilling from the convention floor. “Say it!” A man above me taunted at the stage. Booing, hissing and screaming grew and grew until the noise overpowered…


Utah delegate still hopes for Bernie nomination

Louise Edington wore a bright blue shirt decorated with a mop of white hair, square framed glasses and the words “Feel the Bern” to the first delegate breakfast Utah was involved with at the advent of the Democratic National Convention. “My hope is that they have a plan to still get the nomination for him,”…

Monday at the Republican National Convention

Political parties 101: The Republicans

CLEVELAND –  “Millennials would rather engage in PokemonGo than politics,” Laquan Austion, CEO of Action for America, said in a panel on July 20. The perception that millennials are not engaged in their country and her future is a notion that is expressed by many. But, Austion later went on to say that “[Millennials] do…


Youth within the GOP reach out

It is certainly no secret that the GOP has had difficulties appealing to millennials. Claire Leiter, 24, from Minnesota is part of a group of millennials at the Republican National Convention trying to change that. Leiter is a member of the Republican National Convention Youth Caucus. “The RNC Youth Caucus is essentially a group of…

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