BYU-Idaho welcomes the “Gentlemen Trio”

Written by Jenna Schwarz Gentri, otherwise known as “The Gentlemen Trio”, performed in the Hart Auditorium last Friday night. The group, known for pioneering the cinematic pop genre, performed a mixture of covers, originals, and medleys ranging from Broadway to boy...
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Not a typical honeymoon

“The day after the wedding we spent at the high school next to us, holding hands of elderly people in the wheel chairs,” Vanessa Murillo said.

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WATCH: Favorite fall FHE activities

BYU-Idaho students share some of their favorite fall semester FHE activities.

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Raise your voice: Racism in 2017

What do students in BYU-Idaho think about racism in the United States?

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Yellowstone may become the source of the annihilation of the United States

How could Yellowstone’s super volcano affect Rexburg?

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5 Ways to Overcome Homesickness

Being sick away from home is not fun, but being homesick can be even worse. Whether you are from Indonesia or a local from Idaho, you are bound to get homesick at some point while at college.