A solution or a problem: it starts with us

Donald Trump won another five states last Tuesday, bringing his delegate count to nearly 1,000 and putting him closer to the 1,237 needed to secure the Republican nomination. He won by margins of approximately 30 to 40 percent in each state. Trump has obviously struck a chord with voters. The Washington Post ran an editorial…


Education isn’t essential for America

*Editors Note: the following opinion piece is a satire* Over the last several years, the government has tried to find ways of improving the American education system. Different avenues were attempted, such as standardized testing, Common Core and even implementing laptops and tablets into the classroom in hopes of improving learning. Unfortunately, it has become…


Learning to make lemonade: from sour to sweet

The Queen B, Beyoncé, recently released her new album Lemonade. Allegations have been swirling around whether the lyrics confirm rumors of Jay Z’s infidelity, according to CNN. In the hour-long music video aired by HBO, Beyoncé more than hints at her anger through imagery, using fire, a flowing yellow dress and a baseball bat to…

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