Written by Breanne Gibb.  Jumping in a pool of ice-cold water then racing across the snow into a hot tub is what Rexburg locals call fun. Participants who attended the SnowFest held at Smith Park in Rexburg on Saturday, Jan. 30, do this willingly each year. The Polar Bear Swim, as described before, is one…


Lining up for the Last Voice Standing

Written by Jamal Taylor. Brave, Bold and Beautiful. Auditions were held on Feb. 2 and 3 for the upcoming Last Voice Standing. Not only the judges, but the entire committee was there to watch auditions, advise, and help choose who stays and who goes. During the little time the judges had between performances, they joined together in…

Water Polo screen shot

Water Polo Class

Splish splash, takin’ a bath! Except water polo is not designed to get clean. In fact, it is often times the other way around with players scratching and clawing their way to the net in order to get in position to score. Just because there are tenacious water polo players in the pool during this…


New music venue opens in Rexburg

 50 College Avenue in Rexburg, Idaho, has been the hub for many businesses over the past few years. It has been transformed from Sammy’s, to Zeeke’s and now Skizzy’s.  “I feel like I have a good team of people helping me that I’ve hired to help me do the marketing, social media, just, like, connect…


Introducing Infinite Indie

Written by Brie Boss. For the first time ever, Infinite Indie will be held this Friday, Feb. 5, in the Oscar A. Kirkham Auditorium. The show will be made up of students performing Folk, Bluegrass and Indie music. Tickets are $3. Tyler Adams, the event manager for Infinite Indie and a junior studying architecture, said the inspiration for this…

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What is P2B

The Power To Become conference or P2B is a professional development conference. “The Power to Become (P2B) Conference encourages students, alumni and guests to discover their passion, tell their story and to network effectively,” according to the BYU-Idaho website. The conference is an opportunity for students of BYU-I to learn from professionals the tools needed…

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