In college, we are always short on time. Finding new ways to accomplish little tasks is the solution to this problem. Here are some life hacks you might want to consider:

1. Take a Post-it and run it between the spaces of your keyboard to clean out crumbs and fluff.

2. For easy ironing on a button-up shirt, flip the shirt inside-out. This will keep the iron from getting caught in between the buttons.

3. Place newspaper at the bottom of your trash bags to avoid the drippy mess of food juices and other trash liquids.

4. Protect your phone cords from bending and breaking by putting the spring from an old pen on it.

5. Need a cold drink fast? Place a wet paper towel around your drink and put it in the freezer. In about 15 minutes, you will have an ice cold drink, according to Yahoo News.

6. Starting a bonfire is hard when you have no kindling. Doritos are actually the perfect substitute, according to

7. Coming to the end of a Nutella jar is sad. Enjoy every last bit by putting ice cream inside to finish it off.

8. If you are constantly sleeping through your alarm from your phone, place your phone inside a cup to ensure you will hear it and wake up.

9. Try putting a wooden spoon across a boiling pot to keep the water from boiling over.

10. Ten trips of bringing groceries to your apartment are never fun. Put your bags on a carabiner and make it one trip.

11. Put a fork inside the cream part of an Oreo for dunking them in milk. This will keep you from getting your fingers messy and wet.

12. If you are heating up leftover pizza, place a small glass of water in the microwave with it to keep your crust from being chewy, according to

Those are just a few ways to make your life a little easier. Try them out!