As the semester goes on, it can become harder to think of fun activities for home evening. Here are 13 activities BYU-Idaho students like doing on their Monday nights.

1. Roller-skating at the Manwaring Center

It’s the classic home evening activity. Spend $2 with your BYU-Idaho student ID card and go roller-skating at the MC. It is open every Monday and Saturday from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

2. Glow in the Dark Hide & Go Seek at the Ice Caves

Wear black, buy some glow sticks and head to the ice caves for some fun.

3. Hostage

Split up into two teams. Both teams will take one hostage around town and get them confused. Then, each hostage will get one call to describe to their team where they are. The first team to find their hostage and take them back home wins.

4. Birthday Parties

Someone in your family have a birthday? Come together, bake a cake and give the present of your presence for their special day away from home. If no one has a birthday coming up, have an “Unbirthday” party. Everyone can exchange gifts and party like it’s their birthday.

5. Snow Day

Go sledding, have a snowball fight or build an igloo. It is the perfect winter activity that is fun at all ages.

6. Service

Whether it’s helping at a foodbank or singing at an elderly home, there’s no better way to bond as a family than serving others together.

7. Game Night

Whether it is board games, ultimate spoons or hide-and-seek, a game night is a great way to spend time together.

8. Freestyling, Lip Sync Battles, and Karaoke

Show off your freestyling skills or your voice in karaoke. Not into singing? Have your roommate practice lip syncing your favorite song with you. It’s a great activity for combining home evening groups, too!

9. Send Letters

Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday or a missionary, it’s a great activity to show your crafty side and also stay in touch with family and friends far away.

10. Theme Night

Pick a country or era as a theme. Dress, eat and act accordingly! For example, if you picked France, you could make French food, build an Eiffel tower out of play dough and paint each other’s caricatures.

11. Tie Dye

Get groovy and tie dye some socks or shirts. Tie dye is a fun thing many people have never done!

12. Master Chef

In teams, all members bring $2 to the grocery store and buy something with only those $2. Then, everyone brings back the items, and they have to make something tasty with only the ingredients your team bought. Have another family or room judge which of the two is more delicious.

13. Real Life Clue

Love the game Clue? Play it on campus and find who in your family is the murderer. Directions are found here.