The Comic Book workshop, a student-taught event, is open to all students every Wednesday at 7 p.m., in Spori 136, and is led by Alaire Bowen.

Bowen said she is an Illustration major and is Head Illustrator of “Sweet Pork Comics,” an independent Comic Book company founded a year ago by Bowen along with several other BYU-I students.

According to the event’s page on the BYU-Idaho website, it is an opportunity to meet with students with similar interests and learn about how to make comic books.

“I think it’s a cool [idea],” said Johnny Reaman, a sophomore studying biology.

Reaman said that he often likes to create characters and enjoys watching them come to life. He said that he was writing a book and he liked to create stories and backgrounds for his characters.

“It really expands your creativity,” Reaman said, “Being able to draw them out and see them in their own graphic would just be awesome.”

Reaman said that creating comics is a great way to express yourself.

“There’s always a different character to be made,” he said. “There’s always different  backgrounds you can give them. Don’t be afraid to express [yourself]. Don’t be afraid to expand that creativity.”