A narrative scriptural presentation of events of the New Testament that honors and proclaims the divine nature, mission and reality of our Savior Jesus Christ. Journey with us back in time to those days of his birth, teaching moments, miracles, atonement, and resurrection.

Set against an arched backdrop of the Roman-controlled Jerusalem, actors portray the story of Jesus Christ’s life, ministry and death in the production of Christ the Lord: Our True Light.          

Janice Munk, a senior majoring theatre studies, plays the role of Mary in the production. Munk said she enjoys playing the role of Mary.

“I want to portray Mary as a real person and not just as a character,” Munk said. “I want to think more about how she actually acted in her life and her reactions in real life.”            

Munk said she asked for God’s help to portray Mary as realistically as possible and she hopes the audience will come away with a stronger faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to read the Bible more.

“I hope to convey that Christ is real,” Munk said. “That it’s not just a story in the Bible. These are real people that actually lived through this.”

Munk said she loved getting to create moments with the actor who plays Jesus Christ in the production.

David Martinez, a senior majoring in theatre studies, plays Jesus Christ in the production.

“Jesus Christ is not only a mythic figure, but a real individual with passions and identity,” Martinez said. “He is more relatable than I think often is given credit to him.”

Martinez said he would like the audience to come away from the play not having fear, but having greater belief.

“Christ wants to be a part of our lives more, not just because he can monitor us, but to enjoy the experience with us,” Martinez said. “And that goes for the joyful times and even the sorrowful times. No matter the circumstance, he wants to be a part of it.”

Megan Tree, a sophomore studying art education, and Adam Comstock, a sophomore studying paramedicine, attended the production on a date.   

“I like the set and the lighting and the actor who played Christ,” Tree said.             

Tree said Martinez’s incorporating humor into his dialogue helped give her a better understanding of the scriptures.            

“He’s portrayed as the son of God, but he still had a sense of humor,” Comstock said. “It’s a really nice setting and overall just peaceful.”            

Martinez said all the actors are imperfect beings doing a piece about a perfect life.            

“This is a chance for actors and audience members alike to give the gift of their time to the Savior and to our Father,” Martinez said. “Come and see.”            

Tickets are $3 for students and $6 for general public.