Written by Vivian Campos

BYU-Idaho students are sharing their feelings about their hopes for the First Presidency Christmas devotional that will be held Dec. 6.

Every year, the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organizes the Christmas devotional and transmits it to the entire world through Internet and satellite.

At least one member of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles addresses the Church each December.

Janelle Randall, a freshman studying nursing, said she hopes the First Presidency will talk about how to hold tight in the gospel.

“Bad things are happening,” Randall said. “Everyone just needs to know that we can receive comfort in the gospel and in Jesus Christ because he knows what we are going through, whether we are scared, or we are just confused about everything going on. We can really confide in him.”

Randall said she has a strong testimony about the strength one can find in Jesus Christ but there are other people who might not have.

“I think they should still focus on Christmas,” said Yordan Fuentes, a junior studying communication. “I would like to hear something that is uplifting. I expect them to talk about Christ and about something that will bring Christmas spirit.”

Fuentes said that even with all the tragedies happening in the world lately, he prefers the First Presidency to focus in spiritual subjects.

“I expect that they are going to talk about hope and Christmas, the hope of the Atonement and what the Savior brings to us,” said Naomi Brown, a sophomore studying English.

Manuel Maciel, a senior studying English, said everything is coming together in a bad way at the moment. A lot of terrorist attacks are happening in the world lately.

“I am hoping that the Prophet and the Apostles will speak of how we can work well with one another,” Maciel said. “I am hoping that they will let everyone know how much they love them, and that they want to help in some way.”

He said there are many people who are confused, sad and angry with the world right now.

Maciel said he hopes the First Presidency will clarify the handbook changes better so nobody makes assumptions about something that is not true, because it happens a lot in the world, not just in the Church.

Jay Fluckiger, a member of the bishopric in the Rexburg YSA 73rd ward, shared his feelings about the Christmas devotional.

“I expect to hear the First Presidency bear their humble testimonies of the divinity of Jesus Christ, and the reality of his mission and how important that is to the world,” Fluckiger said. “I wish the world would hear it.”

Fluckiger said he appreciates the Church offering the devotional because it ties the traditional and beautiful Christmas music and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

The devotional will be rebroadcast over the Church satellite system in more than 58 languages, according to lds.org.

“I bear my witness that God the Father lives and that he gave us the gift of his beloved son out of love for us,” said President Henry B. Eyring, of the First Presidency, at the Christmas devotional held in 2014. “I know as surely as I live that the resurrected Savior lives. He atoned for our sins. And I testify that he is the light of the world and the sure source of comfort, hope, peace and joy.”