BYU-Idaho students have joined the Radical Sabbatical project created by Sterling Rogers, a sophomore at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Chandler, Arizona.
The Radical Sabatical, nicknamed the Rad Sab, is an event held once a month in a living room-type setting in which people gather to perform inspiring music, according to the Rad Sab website.
Jackson Sellers, a sophomore studying psychology, said he is a close friend of Rogers and was with him when he began Radical Sabbatical in Mesa, Arizona.
“He had this vision that he wants to change the world through music,” Sellers said. “So he just got this idea that he should put on something where people could play inspirational music, uplift each other and he called it the Radical Sabbatical.”
Rogers said he loves music and he loves the gospel.
“The purpose behind the whole project is this: there was a need, and that need was a platform for creative people to share their love for God,” Rogers said.
Rogers said he did a test run of the event in October 2014 but it officially started in January of this year. He said the project picked up the nickname “Rad Sab” quickly after taking off.
“It’s like an unplugged, acoustic, musical fireside,” Sellers said.
Rogers said he hopes people will see this as an opportunity to have an inspiring experience.
“People said that it was something really different, really interesting, and they just felt good coming,” Sellers said.
Sellers said Rad Sab is a good way to meet people who want to share their talent and inspiration.
“People play some really good music that touches the soul,” Sellers said. “It’s just really good for my Sunday.”
Sellers said to perform, the music simply has to be inspirational for the performer. He said many people perform hymns and Christian rock, but song choices are not limited to those genres.
“Me and my band, this last Rad Sab, played, ‘For Me This Is Heaven,’” Sellers said. “There are a couple lines in there that are really inspirational that helped one of the guys in my band get through high school, and so he shared why that song was important to him.”
Hallie Hollyoak, a sophomore studying communication, said she performed at the last Rad Sab. She said she loved performing at this event because it integrated her love of music with the gospel.
“I performed two songs: an original called ‘Illuminate Me’ and a primary song called ‘Gethsemane,’” Hollyoak said. “I sang these because they both testify of God. The performance was a great experience.”
Sellers said anyone can perform at Rad Sab.
“It’s geared towards musicians, but I’d like to involve people of all talents,” Rogers said.
Rogers said this project is something he is destined to do. He said he wants others to feel inspired to follow their promptings, too.
“I think there are things in our lives that are promptings from God, or sometimes more simple than that, they are just written on our soul,” Rogers said.
Rogers said if a person has a dream, then they need to go for it.
“If you’ll just take that thought or idea and run with it, super cool things will happen,” Rogers said.
Sellers said that Rogers asked him to help get the Rad Sab started in Rexburg.

Above: Jackson Sellers and Amber Olds Editor's note: Olds writes for Scroll

Above: Jackson Sellers and Amber Olds
Editor’s note: Olds writes for Scroll

“He knew I was coming up here to school, and he’s been trying to branch out, so he asked me and my friend, Amber, to start it here,” Sellers said.
Rogers said the project has already spread to Mesa, Rexburg, Provo and Flagstaff by word of mouth.
“Pretty soon here, I’m hoping to spread to Hawaii and Tampa,” Rogers said.
Rogers said he wants others to have the opportunity to express their love for the gospel through music.
“It’d be super cool to take it worldwide,” Roger said.
Sellers said the next performance in Rexburg is set to be Dec. 13 at The Willows 4th floor lounge. He said he and Amber Olds, a sophomore studying communication, will choose the dates for the upcoming performances, but the shows will continue to be held one Sunday a month.
Sellers said those who want to perform need to contact him or Olds, tell them what they want to play, and then they are set to perform. Seller’s contact number is 949-413-4863. Olds’ contact number is 480-310-4500.