Star Wars fans shared their theories on the new film in the galactic series which is releasing Dec. 17.
The Walt Disney Co. and director J.J. Abrams will deliver Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, a decade after the last film was made.
Episode VII will take place 30 years after the Battle of Endor and other events that took place in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, according to
This spans enough time to include old favorites such as Luke and Leia Skywalker and Han Solo.
However, this also means there is much speculation of the roles and heritage of new characters such as Finn and Rey.
Porter Roylance, a sophomore studying political science, said he believes there is a connection between Rey and Han Solo.
“I think she is his daughter,” Roylance said. “From the previews, it seems as if they’re mutually concerned about something, which leads Solo to take a mentoring role over her.”
Gavin Olsen, a freshman studying computer science, agrees that the parental role is plausible.
Olsen said that since Solo and Leia Skywalker kiss in the previous films, it would make sense that they would have posterity appear in the upcoming films.
Roylance said he is looking forward to discovering what role Luke will play in the new film since he has only been shown briefly in the trailers.
“I want to find out if he will be portrayed as Jedi or Sith,” Roylance said. “I’m also pretty sure that someone in the upcoming films will be Luke’s son.”
Olsen said that he hopes to see Luke utilize his Jedi powers and kick Sith butt. He said he is hoping to see more characters get their hands seared off.
“That seems to be a recurring theme,” Olsen said. “First, Vader. Then, what do you know, Luke gets his sliced off, too. You just can’t keep track of it.”
Will Hjorth, a junior studying English, said that with the filmmakers keeping the plot very obscure, there has been speculation on JarJar Binks being a Sith Lord.
“I think that is one of the most ridiculous ideas ever,” Hjorth said.
Roylance said it could be a possibility but, because there was so much backlash when George Lucas was toying with the idea, it might not happen.
“From the Star Trek movies, I like Abrams’ character development and how they’re revealed,” Roylance said. “Action wasn’t as good in Star Trek, but the commercials look a little more promising for Star Wars.”
Overall, Roylance said he hopes Episode VII is like the originals, with a J.J. Abrams touch. He said that he enjoys that Star Wars is a universe with its    own rules.
“My expectations are really high,” Hjorth said. “And it could stink, but still, I would go see it multiple times. I am so, so, so excited for this movie and I hope that at one point someone will say ‘You’re not my father’, just because it’d  be funny.”