Written by Vivian Campos

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the video “A Savior is Born” on Nov. 29 as an initiative to the world, and it already has almost 600 views on the Church’s official    Facebook page.

Greg Palmer, president of the Rexburg Idaho YSA 8th Stake, said he loved the simplicity of the new video.

“Those who preside over the Church love Christ and want the whole world to feel that, so they have this amazing investment, the beautiful videos that were done to increase love for the Savior and to help people have a more meaningful experience of Christmas,” Palmer said.

Palmer said he invited every member of the 8th Stake in a stake conference on Dec. 5 to share “A Savior is Born” with at least one friend.

“I think whenever we sing about Him, talk about Him, testify about Him, testify about Him, pray and open our scriptures, I think it is pretty easy to remember Him, because God so wants us to treasure the gift of the Savior, and the Holy Ghost is here to testify of that,” Palmer said.

Gene Hancock, president of the Idaho Pocatello Mission, said he feels closer to Christ when he studies about Christ, who He was, why He came and how His message affects everybody on Earth.

Luke Cook, a sophomore studying business management, said he thinks Christmas includes the whole month of December, not just one day. He said traditions and serving others are absolutely key to keep that Christmas spirit.

“Christ is the good news,” Cook said. “The world needs peace, needs hope, especially these times with all the things we hear in the media of attacks, all the horrible tragedies going on. They need to know that someone is there to care about them. I think it is extremely crucial right now. I think the Church will go to wherever they need to share this message with the world.”

Hundreds of BYU-Idaho students gathered together at the BYU-Idaho Center to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional on Dec. 6 to remember this message of Christ.

Elder David A. Bednar, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said to let the beautiful lights of every holiday season remind them of Him who is the source of  all light.

He said billboards are displayed in Times Square in New York City to showcase “A Savior is Born” campaign.

“That is the message to the world: that the Son of God has come to Earth and spent His entire life here for us and, ultimately, died and was resurrected so we might live again,” Hancock said.

America Ellison, a freshman majoring in general studies, said Christmas cannot be bought, and she feels like that is what the world is doing.

“Me and my sister, we try to do something nice for someone each day of the holidays,” Ellison said. “I feel like this has helped. I feel like the Christmas spirit, in general, makes me feel the Spirit. I love Christmas, and I love the mood that is out.”

Kyle Smith, a sophomore studying business management, said the month of December is a perfect opportunity to express how we live and why we live the way we do, and it is because of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

“We focus so much in Christ because He is an idol,” Smith said. “He is someone we always look up to. Whether people believe in Him or not, it’s really important to see that there is someone who can save us, who has taken the necessary steps to do that.”