BYU-Idaho students have offered suggestions to new students about the best places to get homework done while on campus.

Abby Simmons, a freshman studying communication, said she prefers to study in a quiet place, but not quiet enough to go crazy. She said around 8 p.m. in the Manwaring Center at The Crossroads, is a great balance of quiet and noise.

Simmons said The Crossroads can be distracting when going at the wrong time. She said to avoid The Crossroads during lunch or dinner hours or when an event is being held.

“I try to switch it up,” Simmons said. “I go to the library sometimes. I think it makes it more interesting instead of the same old ‘sit-here-for-an-hour-and-study.’”

Simmons said the first floor of the David O. McKay Library is a good place for her to study because it is the easiest to get to. She said she opens the door to the library and starts to study.

“If they want to study with people and don’t mind a little noise, maybe the math lab is the place for them,” Simmons said. “The math lab is great because all you do is raise your hand and someone is there to help.”

Simmons said the math lab is sectioned off by the different math classes. She said studying Math 108 in the math lab is great because there will be other students studying Math 108 as well. She said help is all around.

Simmons said she recommends courteous behavior in the math and writing labs. She said on one occasion she and another student were attempting to study in the math lab while another student across from her talked on her cell phone for nearly 20 minutes, and it was very distracting.

“I think there are a lot more places to study on campus than I realized,” Simmons said. “Sometimes I sit in a chair outside my classrooms, and it is usually pretty quiet.”

Lauren Johnson, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said the best place for her to study is somewhere quiet, but not too quiet.

“My mind in silence actually can get distracted,” Johnson said. “I need some kind of commotion, not distraction.”

Johnson said one of her favorite places to study is the Jacob Spori Gallery in the Jacob Spori Building.

“They have kind of instrumental jazzy music playing, and I always need some kind of music, so that’s like the commotion that I need to not be distracted, but still focus on my work,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that usually no one goes in the Gallery, but it is a cute little place she really likes.

Koleman Blake, a junior studying mechanical engineering, said studying at home is not effective. He said studying at home gives students too many to opportunities step away from studying.

Blake said the Mark Austin Technology/ Engineering Building is not a good place to study because of so few places to sit and a lack of electrical outlets to plug-in laptops. He said if one really wants to study in the Austin Building, they should try the  electronics lab on the second floor. He said it is quiet and has plenty of outlets.

“I hate the library,” Blake said. “It is effective if you make it effective, but it’s not my favorite place to study.”

Blake said students should find a consistent spot to study and make it a part of their study routine.

“Studying by yourself is hard,” Blake said. “I go and do all my homework in the math lab where I can take advantage of the tutors.”

Tia Christensen, a senior studying medical assisting, said praying and reading the scriptures is the best way to begin studying, regardless of where one studies.

“I definitely recommend you have the Spirit,” Christensen said. “Be worthy and keep the Spirit with you.”