The beginning of the semester is the perfect time to start planning winter expeditions in Rexburg. With a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities, students can easily find something to do that interests them.
Michael Burke, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said that in Fall 2014, he chose to get involved in activities to make more friends. Since it was cold outside, he decided that country dancing could help him.
“It has helped me become a better person in that it’s helped me get out of my comfort zone,” Burke said. “I have to ask people, which makes me more social.”
If country dancing is not a student’s idea of fun, Burke said Latin dancing is also an option.
Adam Manwaring, a junior studying business management, said the possibilities are endless when it comes to doing things during the winter. He said students can go to a movie, lift weights, dance, roller-skate and sing. For those who prefer quieter activities, he said napping and doing homework are always a safe bet.
“Even dating during the winter can be fun,” Manwaring said. “I like being indoors. You’re forced to be with the person face to face, and it gives you the chance to get to know them better. It’s a test of creativity — if their ability to date is hampered by the weather, I don’t think they’re worth dating.”
Jordan Semadeni, a freshman studying biology, said students can do a number of things, such as go ice fishing, hot tubbing, cross-country skiing or sledding.
Burke said that one time, he and his friends got a giant tarp, piled eight people inside of it, and rolled down a slope of snow. He said that if one’s group did not have as many people, they can always use a smaller garbage bag.
“If you’re going to go hot tubbing, you can go to Green Canyon or Lava Hot Springs,” Burke said. “Make sure you leave with enough time so you can be back before curfew — around 4 or 5 p.m.”
Manwaring said building a fort made out of snow followed by a snowball fight is another option.
“One time, we made an igloo out at the sand dunes and had a dutch oven cobbler over a fire we had built inside of it,” Burke said.
For outdoor date ideas, Semadeni said students can have a movie night, or go on a snowshoeing hike when it is dark.
Burke said students also have the option to go snowboarding. He said most students go either to Targhee or Kelly Canyon, which offers college nights every Wednesdays and Saturdays until the end of the season.
“They charge you around $20, so it’s more affordable,” Burke said.
Burke said that for this rate, it is a good enough place to go. Unless the student is a pro, he said they will not notice a difference.
“If you can’t find something fun to do on Sunday nights, we always have games at the Log Cabin at Parkview apartments every week,” Burke said. “It’s behind Porter Park and a big place. We usually have at least 20 people over each time.”
Whether inside or outside, students have a variety of options to help them have fun during the cold months of winter semester at BYU-I.