Latin Dancing is a fun, social and upbeat way for students to show expression through dance.

Latin Dancing is available to all students from 8-11 p.m. every Friday in the Manwaring Center 220 Grand Ballroom, according to the Activities Calendar on the BYU-Idaho Web page.

“I think the biggest thing I want everyone to know with any type of dance is that dance is a thing of expression,” said Dominique Chavous, a previous instructor and manager of Latin Dancing and a senior studying social work.

Chavous said instructors lead students through basic night-club styles of Latin dance.

“There’s merengue, which is a really fast and happy kind of thing,” Chavous said. “I compare it to hip-hop in our culture. Another dance is salsa. That’s also a really fun one. It can be done really slow or very fast. The other one is the bachata, and that one is very sensual. All of them have their own unique style and techniques.”

She said some dances are easier than others. Chavous said the easier ones give some room for showing off.

“I think my favorite is probably merengue,” Chavous said. “Not only is it one of our easier ones, but I like to show off … I really do love them all, though.”

Joey Sego, a sophomore studying exercise physiology, said he loves the merengue because it is easy and allows the flexibility of improvisation. His first experience with Latin Dancing came because of an invitation from his roommate.

“He started going, and he made me go with him one time, and I liked it,” Sego said. “I’m not a huge dancing person, but it’s fun.”

Sego said he learned a lot about Latin Dancing during the instruction.

“Don’t worry about if you think you’re looking like a fool,” Chavous said. “Just have fun and be yourself.”

The activity costs $2 for students with their BYU-I student ID cards and $3 without.