The BYU-Idaho Human Resources department is updating the Job Board this winter semester to make it easier for students to find and access the job board Web page.

Jacob Haws, a student employee for the Human Resources Department and a senior studying accounting, is in charge of helping with the strategy of the Human Resources Web page. He said HR is changing the website so it will be more accessible and easy to find.

Haws said the website is being designed to better help students find employment. He said the way it is set up currently makes it difficult to understand if people are not already familiar with Human Resources. Haws said the changes in the website will primarily be with rewording to make it easier to find in a search engine for people from all backgrounds.

“We’re changing up employment and benefits and everything in HR, so that it is more accessible to any user,” Haws said. “It makes it a lot easier for students to come in for employment.”

Haws said the full change of the website is taking place gradually, and the programming was completed at the end of Fall Semester 2015. He said that by the middle of this semester, the website will all be new.

Haws said each section in the Human Resources website will eventually be improved.

Human Resources manages full-time employment, student employment, employee relations, employee benefits, training and development of employees and the compensations for administration and staff, according to the human resources link on the BYU-I Web page.

Haws said Human Resources provides the job board as a tool to help students job hunt. He said he recommends that students take advantage of opportunities to have their résumé checked and participate in mock interviews. Links for those options can be found on the BYU-I Job Board Web page.

“The job board is great, but the best thing you could do is go to the actual place and talk to whoever is listed,” Haws said. “If they have a listed email and a name, then the best thing is to ask for that person and go straight to them and say, ‘I am super interested in this job. I have already applied to it.’”

Chuck Shumway, an employee in Human Resources and a junior studying mechanical engineering, said they will often have students come in without all of the required documents.

Shumway said the most common original document combination is a social security card and a driver’s license. Other combinations could be a passport, social security card and a BYU-I student ID card or a birth certificate and a driver’s license.

“International students need to go and get a social security card in Idaho Falls from the Social Security Administration,” Shumway said.

Shumway said that when students receive a job, they need to fill out their paperwork with Human Resources. International students will have a 30-day time limit after receiving employment to get their social security card from Idaho Falls.

Shumway said failure for international students to get their social security card after the time limit would result in getting locked out from being able to clock into work. He said students could get instructions from the Human Resources office if they have any questions or concerns.

“The best way to get a job on campus is during two windows,” Shumway said. “The end of the semester, the last two to three weeks, or in the week before a semester and the first couple of weeks in a new semester.”

Shumway said the best advice he could give for students who are job hunting is to dress up and go walk from department to department and asking to speak to advisors to find out if there are any jobs available.

Haws said that if students ever need help, the Human Resources department is available to assist them over the phone or in person at the Spencer W. Kimball Student and Administrative Services Building.