The Testing Center is one of the most feared locations on campus. The Testing Center is designed to help you achieve the highest score possible. Here are nine things most people don’t know about the Testing Center.

1.You can use the bathroom.

This is the most common issue students in the Testing Center have. Don’t feel pressure to rush through your test if you need to go, there are no rules against taking a short bathroom or water break.

2. Feeling tense? Get your blood flowing.

Try a few pushups or jumping jacks if you want to loosen up. It is not uncommon for BYU-I students to stop and pace the room during a long test to stretch out their legs.

3. There is a music room.

If the silence in the Testing Center drives you insane, opt for the music room. Instead of taking a left and heading to the main testing room, try the music room on the right. They play a wide array of classical music.

4. The best time to go and avoid the rush is between opening and lunch.

Most people prefer to go to the Testing Center when it is least crowded. If you don’t want to wait in a massive line, especially during finals week, plan a trip to the Testing Center between 8 a.m. and noon. Avoid going before closing on Mondays and Saturday and after devotional on Tuesdays because those tend to be the busiest times.

5. On Mondays and Saturdays, the Testing Center closes its doors at 5 p.m.

Don’t make the mistake of procrastinating a test until 9 on Mondays or Saturdays because you will be turned away. If you do make this mistake you should contact your teacher immediately to work out your options.

6. You can bring a lunch.

Expecting a long test? Pack a small lunch or snack. Don’t let an empty stomach distract you from testing. Eating is not allowed in the main testing room, but if you head out through the exit, there is a bench where food is allowed. Make sure to inform a proctor beforehand.

7. Feel free to switch seats

The only assigned seating are the computers. Outside of that, you are allowed to change seats or even change from the quiet testing room to the music room and vice versa.

8. If you forget your BYU-Idaho student ID card, no worries. You get one freebie.

We all have that moment where we’ve waited in line at the testing center for half an hour and when we finally reach the front, our I-card is nowhere to be found. The Testing Center allows only one hold where you can proceed as usual without your I-card.

9. After the doors close you have one hour until the Testing Center closes.

If you’re taking a test and closing time is approaching, don’t worry: you have one hour after the doors close to finish your test.