The Idaho Falls Art Council is presenting Gallery 12 to the community, which is being exhibited in The Carr Gallery until March 13.

Gallery 12 is a group of 12 professional artists with a range of different styles and backgrounds in art.

What makes Gallery 12 unique is instead of sticking with one venue, this party of artists continually moves their work around to display in a variety of different art galleries throughout Eastern Idaho.

One of Gallery 12’s strengths is the diversity in style and mediums, from watercolor nature scenes to oil painted rural landscapes, and pastel portraits and wild life.

“We are a very eclectic bunch,” said Gloria Allen, one of the Gallery 12 artists.

Allen said that Gallery 12 has been together for almost 10 years.

“We’re just a bunch of art friends that just enjoy each other and enjoy each others’ work, and so we became Gallery 12,” Allen said.

Each artist has a different artistic process and inspiration in creating their artwork.

“I’m from Idaho Falls, so it’s a requirement that I paint barns and cows and stuff,” said Joe Keller, another one of the artists.

Keller said that when he finds a beautiful scene he wants to recreate, he takes pictures and notes, sketches and then stays at the scene long enough that he appreciates the feeling of being there.

“When I’m there I can smell what it’s like, and I know the temperature and the time of day,” Keller said. “I then go home and paint away until I think I’ve got that back.”

He said as he recreates the scene, he is able to resurrect that same feeling he had when originally sitting there, soaking it all in.

“It’s my impression of what I think I saw, or what I’d like it to be, because you can always take a picture,” Keller said. “But an artist can modify it a lot.”
Marilyn Hansen, another one of the artists, likened her process of inspiration to a ketchup bottle.

“You shake and shake the ketchup bottle and none will come, and then a lot will and you don’t know where it came from,” Hansen said. “But boy, it really hit the target. It’s beautiful.”

Hansen said that a beautiful part of doing art is solving problems.

She said that once an artist begins to feel they have got all the answers, the next piece of work is guaranteed to be a flaw.

“And then you gotta start all over again, shaking the ketchup bottle,” Hansen said.

Ginger Kramer, another one of the artists, agreed with Hansen on the importance of moving forward with new ideas and trying new things.

“Practically everything inspires me,” Allen said. “I just see paintings everywhere I look. And the more you paint, the more you do that.”

Gallery 12 is free and open to the public.

“This is a cool activity to bring your art-minded friends to or even a hot date,” said Todd Grilliot, a freshman majoring in general studies.