Tryouts for Men’s and Women’s competitive basketball were held Jan. 12-15 in the BYU-Idaho Center for the upcoming competitive basketball season, according to the BYU-I activities Web page.

The season is scheduled to run from Jan. 22-March 26, with games typically played on Friday night and Saturday morning or afternoon, according to

Melanie Palmer, a junior studying exercise physiology, said she played competitively at BYU-I during the winters of 2012 and 2013 and that it was a great experience. Last week, she participated in the tryouts for the Women’s league and said they went really well.

“We split up into groups, and each of the coaches had us do different drills including boxout drills, shooting drills, ball handling drills, special situations and one-on-one drills,” Palmer said. “After every group went to each coach, we then used three courts and scrimmaged each other.”

Palmer said she played four years of high school basketball at Clearwater Valley in northern Idaho. She said her team went to the state championship three years in a row during her sophomore through senior seasons and that her team won the state title her junior year. Palmer said she has enjoyed the opportunity to continue playing  after her high school career ended.

“Since coming to school here at BYU-Idaho, I have really enjoyed participating in the basketball programs,” Palmer  said. “They are run very well. The coaches are respectful. Everyone is encouraged to play whether or not they have played before and everyone gets an opportunity to play. I love playing at a place where we can always start with a prayer and there is very high sportsmanship.”

Rylee Allred, a freshman majoring in general studies, participated in the tryouts. Allred said she enjoys how basketball provides a release and an escape from other things.

 “I love basketball,” Allred said. “You can work on some aspect of the game no matter where you are. All you need is a ball.”

Mackenzie Hendricks, a senior studying English, participated in the tryouts as well. She said she played basketball for a few years in high school and really liked it.

Hendricks said she has played soccer at BYU-I in the past but this is the first time she has played basketball.

“I decided to play competitive this semester at BYU-I because I enjoy basketball and I want to exercise in a fun way,” Hendricks said. “Being on a team creates camaraderie you won’t find anywhere else.”

Kade Woods, a coordinator for competitive basketball at BYU-I, said the players for both Men’s and Women’s leagues would be divided into eight teams, with 10 players on each team. Coaches selected their teams after tryouts ended.