Written by Jamal Taylor.

Brave, Bold and Beautiful.

Auditions were held on Feb. 2 and 3 for the upcoming Last Voice Standing. Not only the judges, but the entire committee was there to watch auditions, advise, and help choose who stays and who goes. During the little time the judges had between performances, they joined together in song. From “Billionaire” by Bruno Mars to “Soft Sell” by Tainted Love to “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, they did it all.

Though the sign-up list for auditions filled up quickly, the committee decided to still take walk-ins also. Most students came with instrumentals and lyrics in hand. Others just did acapella. The Panel said they were excited to have a variety of performers audition.

The potential contestants do however have a few things in common. Most of them said they were extremely nervous before the auditions but felt super comfortable during and relieved after.

Ivie Davis, a sophomore studying English education, said she has always wanted to do competitions here.

“It’s my fourth semester, and I haven’t done anything,” Davis said. “I’m super passionate about it, and I miss it, so I decided I’ll do it.”

Aubrey Nordstrom, a junior studying health science said she felt the same way. She said before her audition her main goal was to keep herself from throwing up.

She said just like most people, she has other side effects when singing.

“My voice gets a little shaky, and I get more nervous about it,” Nordstrom said.

All things considered, she said she was pleased with her performance.

“I could’ve done better, but I think I still did pretty well,” she said.

Some potential contestants that auditioned said they came with a clear reason in mind.

Liesl Wise, a senior studying communication, said she has always wanted to do the competition.

“I’ve always wanted to do the show, and it’s my last semester, so I was just like I’m going to take a chance,” Wise said.

In addition, she said what really pushed her was her grandmother.

“I’m singing tonight as a tribute for my grandmother who is fighting a really aggressive form of lung cancer,” she said.

The judges and committee were strict with their choices. They said they made most contestants sing another song to get an idea of their versatility.

It caught most people off guard.

“While you’re singing, there are so many things to remember, and when they asked me to sing another song it was very intimidating” Wise said.

All in all, the contestants seemed excited about auditions and even more excited for the show.