Story by: Cassie Dauphin

BYU-Idaho: a four-year institution where all can come learn, play and grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

Before it was BYU-I, this campus was home to Ricks College and their mascot the Vikings. Many of us were not here for the glory days of the Vikings, which is why we’ve decided to explore five facts about the Ricks College Vikings.

1. BYU-I’s mascot was named Thor the viking. From 1919 to 2000, Ricks College was among several schools that competed throughout the country.

2. As Vikings, sports games were more like battles on the field. Students, fired up by the spirit of the Vikings, banded together and cheered on their team.

3. The Vikings were ranked number 5 overall. They earned 17 national titles, 61 individual national titles and produced nearly 100 First Team All Americans.

4. More than 25 alumni who played football for Ricks went on to play professionally in the National Football League or Canadian Football League.

5. The Thor statue no longer resides on campus, but at nearby high school instead. It was donated to the school in 2012, according to the BYU-I Scroll.

So there you have it, a little glimpse into BYU-I’s history with 5 facts about Ricks College Vikings.