The first ever X-fit games were held at BYU-Idaho on Mar. 17. Students were asked to complete a number of different tasks which tested the strength and endurance.Jesse Smith, director of the X-fit games said that the goal of the games was to push the competitors using physics with their exercises so they get the most out of their workout. There are four events in the games. The first event was 7 minutes long and the goal was to do as many sets as possible, some were doing squats and others were carrying weights on their back.

For the second event, competitors were able to choose 5 exercises that they could manage.The third event was the heavy ball backward throw where the competitor would throw the ball as far as they could behind their back.

The final event had the competitors swim the full length of the pool, get out, do push s for 1 minute, get back into the pool and swim the length of the pool again.

“They have events like this all over the country and we wanted one that pertained to us here” said Drew Mahlmeister, a junior studying exercise physiology. One of the main goals of the X-fit games according to Mahlmeister was to come together and push each other and push themselves. The directors said that they plan on the X-fit games becoming a more regular event and they hope more students decide to join. To find more information on coming events, go to the school website or contact the activities office.