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Rexburg Named 12th Safest City

Rexburg is “America’s Family Community” and now one of America’s safest cities. An annual report generated by states that Rexburg is safer than 86% of all of the cities in the United States. Making it 12th safest in the nation.

Captain Lewis stated, “We’re the only ones in the state of Idaho that got [this award].”

Captain Randy Lewis of the Rexburg police Department says that he knows exactly why Rexburg is so safe and the answer might surprise you.

“It’s community involvement is what it is,” Lewis remarked. Captain Lewis isn’t the only one that feels that way, there are many Rexburg residents that feel that keeping a community safe is a team effort.

LaDawn Bissette, a resident of Rexburg, states, “It’s the good standards of the people, that’s what makes it.”

Nanette Miller, also a resident of Rexburg, remarked, “There are so many good people. They care about each other and want to help and don’t want to do those things that make people feel uncomfortable or worried or anything like that.”

That attitude directly affects the culture of Rexburg, thankfully, for the better.



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  1. March 12, 2013 @ 8:20 pm Andrew Baker

    Good video, I like the variety of the people you interviewed, getting their point of view and opinion on the matter.

    By the way: the 12th safest place with the assault weapon bank robbery incident. And a few reverse 911 calls of escaped convicts armed and dangerous.


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