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Looking for a New Activity? Try Giraffe Unicycling and Juggling.

From balancing knives to riding a giraffe unicycle, the juggling workshop on BYU-Idaho’s campus gives opportunities for students to learn.

“I like being with these people. I mean, we all have a similar interest and I’ve learned new stuff. I’ve tried new skills. I’ve juggled crazy things. I’ve juggled toilet plungers and knives and fire. It’s been cool,” says manager of the juggler’s workshop Laurie Wilson.

You can be on any skill level. From a beginner to advanced, each person is taught by their piers.

“We’re all like people, you know that have our own talents and it’s really unique you know. We do shows every semester and we all join together and have fun,” says Josie Mortorff.

If you want to learn more about the juggling workshop or be a part of the circus show, you can go to the Kirkham building at room 232 every Thursday at 7PM.

“You know, this is where we hang out. We come and hang out with friends here and that’s what we do and we’re welcome to anybody who wants to come and be our friend,” says Wilson.

I love playin basketball and being outdoors doing anything. I love summer! Fireworks, being at the lake, riding horses, sleeping outside, playing in basketball tournaments, 4 - wheeling, concerts, everthing about summer! My favorite season though is basketball season, my family lives inside a gym all winter long! I love hangin out with friends! I have the best roommates ever! And I love being with my family. My brothers and sister are my best friends and my parents are my inspiration and greatest support, I love them so much!

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