After the first week of games, the top teams are finding what techniques and strategies are helping them succeed.

“I thinks it’s because I focus more on the individual than the team,” said Kyndra Purcell, a girls competitive ultimate frisbee coach and a senior studying health science. “When you focus more on the individual rather than the team, you do better.”

Coaching and mentoring are two of the most important things within sports, according to UCL Human Resources. They have been perceived as a benefit to the individual, but they also have significant value to the organization. Coaching and mentoring can also release the potential for innovation and agility needed in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Purcell said part of her team’s success is because of her experience with the sport. She said she had the opportunity to play at BYU.

“I went down there being very humbled, and I love the sport enough to want to coach because of what I learned from my coach,” Purcell said. “That coach now coaches the BYU men’s team, who is now ranked 16th in the nation.”

Brandon Merrit, a senior studying math education, said he is coaching a young team with a lot of new players on it.

“What I think has helped so far has been learning the game together,” Merrit said. “Also, making sure everyone knows to have fun and that I have confidence in them.”

Purcell said defense wins championships, so she puts a high emphasis on defense. She said she has a lot of offensive plays, but the defense is where she keeps the player’s focus. Also, because of the shape of the frisbee, she said she advises that the players never give up on the frisbee because it will always keep floating. She said she knows offense is important, too, offensively, a good strategy is a good short game. You need to have control of the field instead of a huck cherry pick type thing.

“Surely, you’ve heard the phrase during some portion of your life as a sports fan, ‘Defense wins championships,'” according to the Bleacher Report website. “It’s an old maxim that gets spoken by virtually everyone involved in the world of basketball — or any sport for that matter.”

Merrit said he tries to build his offense and defense according to the strength of the players. He said every game is a little different, but he puts them in positions where they are most comfortable, but also allows them to try new things if they want to; he said this helps the players a lot.

“Every practice, we talk about the game and upcoming games for things we need to work on,” Merrit said. “We do about 50 throws and some cutting drills. Reading the disk and drill conditioning. We work offense then defense, and usually we will scrimmage another team. If they don’t want to scrimmage, then we condition.”

Purcell said that Brady Smith plays for the Florida Gators, is the handler for the team and has very accurate throws.

Brandon Sharon, the current coordinator for men’s ultimate frisbee and a freshman studying business management, said the most negative aspect the coordinators have seen seen is the lack of advertisement for the sport that the campus has made available to us.

“If it’s something you have not tried, go out and try it,” Purcell said. “You never know how much you will like something till you try it, so take the risk.”