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Sharing the essence of black history

Written by Julie Leavitt.  In celebration of Black History Month, BYU-Idaho’s African-American and African Heritage Associations have teamed up to help students gain new insight into their culture and history. “The idea is just to educate people about black history,” said Marvelyne Lamy, the president of the African Heritage Association and a sophomore studying English….


Is speed dating your style?

Written by Miranda Champoux.  There are many methods for meeting people to date, and one of the fastest ways should be speed dating. What do the students of BYU-Idaho think about it? “I think that it’s a great way to meet new people in a non-serious situation,” said Austin Russell, a junior majoring in theater…


How deciding a major can save money

Written by Sarah Higley. College, a time of contemplation and an attempt at answering the age-old question of life ambition:What do you want to be when you grow up? Around 50-70 percent of students are likely to change their majors at least once, while many will change their major at least three times before they…

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