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Spreading awareness on world cancer day

Written by Antonio Cruz Santos When the Wiggins family took their sick six-year-old to the doctor, they did not expect to receive a diagnosis of Leukemia. “My parents realized that when I was young, I did not look as healthy,” said Preston Wiggins, a junior studying computer science. “They took me to a doctor and…


Barbershop quartet Keepsake strikes a chord

Written by Antonio Cruz Santos BYU-Idaho will be hosting the award-winning quartet Keepsake on Feb. 3 as a part of the Barbershop Music Festival. In 1992, the quartet won the international Barbershop Quartet Contest, according to singers.com. “Many a cappella singers have at some point harmonized in the style of this original American art form…


Climate change creates war on truth

Just moments after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the climate change webpage on the White House website was removed, according to ecowatch.com. While this kind of change is normal with each presidential inauguration, this webpage was quickly replaced with pages detailing President Trump’s plans to roll back those policies — a top priority for the new…

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