A Freeze team member, in purple, shoots in the championship game against the Thunder, in blue. ALEXA COLLETT | Scroll Photography

The Lady Freeze defeated the Lady Thunder on June 29, 97-78 to claim the BYU-Idaho women’s competitive basketball championship. Winning the championship game finished off the Freeze’s season with a game record of 6-2.

The Freeze got out to an early lead in the first half and never gave it , in spite of several scoring runs by the Thunder in the second half to bring the score closer. The Freeze were able to answer with enough points to hold on to the lead until the end of the game.

“The key for us was eliminating turnovers. Once we took care of the ball and pounded it inside we were able to start winning games and we never looked back,” said the Lady Freeze head coach Vic Stashkevich, a freshman studying business management.

It takes several different factors to win a basketball game, but several of the Freeze players talked about how their unity was the reason for their success in the tournament.

“It’s our team. It’s how much we’re unified. Not only are we together on the court as teammates, but we spend so much time off the court together, we’re just so much closer because of it and I think it affects our game,” said Kaylynn Lloyd, a sophomore studying photography.

“Attitude is really the difference. I mean, if you have a good attitude you will play so much better. When you get negative or angry you just tense and that’s when your team will make mistakes. But these girls don’t make a lot of those. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Dustin Nielson, assistant coach of the year,” Stashkevich said.

BYU-Idaho students came to watch the game; many came to sport their friends.

Signs dotted the crowd as both team’s sporters voiced their enthusiasm for the game.

The crowd was entertained by dancers, a jump rope squad and crowd participation games such as a gunny-sack race.

“Women’s basketball is so sweet. They’re straight ballers. They get so into it, and you think they’re gonna like, punch each other in the face, but they don’t because they’re just a bunch of sweethearts,” said Justin Holmes, a sophomore studying history.

After the game, the Freeze celebrated by taking pictures with the trophy and wearing their championship T-shirts.

For more information on the competitive league’s scores and standings, students can visit www.imleagues.com.