It’s the event you’ve been hearing about all semester, the Power to Become conference (P2B). In this two-day conference, you will be able to hear from esteemed alumni speakers and learn valuable skills for your future careers. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons every BYU-Idaho student should attend P2B:
1. It’s designed for us as students.
P2B is planned to help you prepare for your future, and is organized by the Alumni office.“The people who are producing it really try to make it fun and exciting for students,” said Chase Hauver, a senior studying health care administration. “It’s not just a normal, boring conference.”


2. It’s fun.
Activities and games will be played throughout all of P2B in addition to prizes being given out. Plus, there will be plenty of time to meet new people at meal time. If that’s not enough, a comedian will be there, too.


3. It’s a great price.
For just $10, you can hear from several fantastic speakers, learn valuable skills, meet new friends and have two meals. P2B is incredibly affordable for what it will give you in return. “It’s a rare experience at a good price,” Hauver said. “Events like this outside of universities usually cost over $1,000 dollars.”


4. It’s a rare opportunity.
It’s not often that such great speakers will come together to speak to your particular needs, in your town and at an affordable price.


5. It teaches principles for every major.
P2B teaches three principles: finding your passion, learning to network and marketing yourself. Students planning on entering the workforce will be more prepared as they learn these skills that will help them become more successful.
“Anyone from any major can benefit from what they teach,” Hauver said.
What’s stopping you from success? Come to P2B.