Story by Rachel Sande

There are a lot of laws in this wonderful town and each one has a purpose. How many students know all of the laws that help our town work and that keep us safe? I know that I don’t know all of them. So, today I have five laws for the city of Rexburg that you may not know about.

  1. For all you bike riders out there, Ordinance 1017 says that if you are riding a bike, you have the same responsibility as motor vehicle drivers do. You can ride your bike on the sidewalk, but if you do, you yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. And if you are riding in the dark, you must have lights and reflectors on your bike.
  2. When it comes to our cell phones, it is illegal to use your phones while driving. It is also illegal to use your cellphone in a cross walk. If a driver or a pedestrian gets caught doing either of those, they could be punished by a fine of $50-$150, according to ordinance 1062.
  3. This generation is commonly known for late nights out. People know that the school has a curfew, but people may not know that the city has a curfew too. According to Ordinance 801, Monday through Thursday, curfew hours, or the hours we all need to be inside, is 11 p.m.-5 a.m., and Friday and Saturday it is 12:30-5 a.m.
  4. Ordinance 765 says that no one can throw any litter or garbage, or allow any litter or garbage to be placed inside or around someone else’s containers. The fine for that is anywhere from $300-$1000 plus court costs.
  5. And finally, with the Fourth of July coming up, there are laws regarding fireworks. In order to use fireworks, you must have a permit. Permit prices vary, but they can’t exceed $125. Fireworks being fired without a permit will be confiscated.

These were a few laws and ordinances of our town that I didn’t know about, that I hope can help keep you safe.