Here are some tips and suggestions for how to survive without the Internet.

Beginning Thursday night, Jan. 12 and ending Saturday, Jan. 14, Rexburg and surrounding areas suffered a Wi-Fi blackout.

“An outage affecting CenturyLink landlines and broadband connection have left around 4,800 customers without service,” according to

“This was not a CenturyLink-caused problem,” said Megan Griffin, a regional market development manager for CenturyLink. She said the fiber optic line that caused the outage was severed by a third-party company.

Whatever the reason for the blackout, here are some ways to keep busy the next time something like this happens:

1. Don’t panic

The Internet crash caused concern for many students.

“When the Wi-Fi goes down, there is always an initial, overwhelming feeling of panic,” said Nick Anderson, a junior studying biology. “When will I get my homework done? When will I finish that episode of ‘The Flash’ on Netflix?”

There are many questions brought to the attention of students and others in the community when such a thing happens. It is best to stay calm and distract yourself until the Wi-Fi is restored.

2. Play a game

When the Internet is down, it is time to use your imagination.

Anderson said you could create your own game or “play cards, play competitive Nerf basketball, or just go for a drive.”

Kayleen Cantu, a senior studying elementary education, said that sometimes when she gets bored of doing homework in the library, she will play a mental game to take a break.

“I’ll take a look around and survey my environment to see if there are any potential suitors that may catch my eye, Cantu said. “This can turn into a fun little game called ‘Single or Married?’ in which I expertly ring-check a ‘potential suitor’ to see if they’re married or not married. If they fall into the ‘not married’ category, then I can add them to my mental inventory of ‘possible future eternal companion’.”

3. Read a book

You can still be productive. You can make time for that book you’ve been meaning to read or even get other homework done. Don’t have a book on hand? Try one of these places: the library on campus, the local library, or even Deseret Industries.

Cantu said she recently decided to go on a social media cleanse. She said she has found innovative ways to avoid being on her phone and “different outlets to decompress from the simple stresses of life.” Some things that she has found to do include, “going to the gym, reading books that were too often neglected,” running her blog and reading the news. Sometimes people forget that the news can still be found in newspaper too, not just online.

4. Cook something

Newspapers aren’t the only things still in print, recipes are too. You don’t need Pinterest or Tasty to create something delicious. The local library is a great place to start looking for new recipes.

5. Develop a new talent or hobby

Explore yourself. listed five hobbies that improve work performance: yoga, playing a musical instrument, volunteering, playing team sports and learning improv comedy.

On campus, there are many resources available for these things. According to the BYU-Idaho student catalog, there are musical classes for learning piano, vocal instruction and guitar, among other stringed instrument classes. There are dance classes available to register for too. Events offered on campus include improv nights, acoustic café events and different team sports every season. You can practice and develop these skills on your own time too, especially if you are not able to check Facebook or Twitter because of a lack of internet.