Planning a wedding while juggling a full course load can be hard and can make stress levels rise. Your wedding day will surely be one of the biggest days of your life, but keeping up in school ensures that you are still on track to getting your degree long after the wedding is over.

Here are some great tips from brides who have been in this same position:

1. Delegate

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The most important thing to remember is that you cannot do everything by yourself.

“I had to start delegating to my family and letting other people help me,” said Taira Davis, a junior studying exercise physiology, who planned her wedding while she had a full schedule of classes. “When I did that, I was able to focus on school and my relationship with my fiancé.”

2. Find a balance

Don’t get overwhelmed focusing solely on wedding details. Schoolwork and spending time with your fiancé is very important. There are local resources that you can utilize such as or that will help find that balance.

3. Don’t try to be perfect

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You cannot control everything. If things can go wrong, let them.

“I had everything planned down to the last little thing and things still went wrong,” said Cassie Bertoch, a BYU-Idaho alumna, who was taking classes while planning her wedding. “Be willing to go with the flow.”

4. Create a time-cushion

“Timing gave us more options,” said Courtney Lopez, a BYU-Idaho alumna, who planned her wedding through her busy schedule. She had more opportunities arise for her when she gave herself time to plan and do her schoolwork instead of rushing into things.

5. Enjoy the experience

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“The most important thing that matters is marrying your best friend,” Bertoch said. “Get one amazing picture because that is probably the only one that will be hanging on the wall and enjoy the journey.”

Follow these tips and your stress level will go down. You will have an amazing wedding, remember to keep that in mind.

Found these tips helpful, but think something’s missing? Please use the comment section to tell us your wedding planning hacks while being in school.