It’s the beginning of the semester and most of us are realizing that we either love or hate our roommates. You can help keep the peace by applying these tips.

1. Share


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You were told since you were able to talk that sharing was important. Share things with your roommates, and they will most likely return the favor. Think about sharing some of your kitchen appliances that they would be interested in using. If all of their plates are in the wash, then consider offering yours. Another good thing to share are things like milk or eggs that you might not use all the time.

2. Clean up after yourself

Flickr Creative Commons

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No one likes coming home to a mess, much less when it’s not your own. Clean up after yourself and your roommates. In the end you will receive more blessings.

3. Split the cost of toilet paper

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One person should not be stuck always purchasing something that both of you use. Don’t be cheap and pitch in. Keep track of whose turn it is by making a chart.

4. Spend time together

Students often live together in shared apartments as roommates at BYU-Idaho. According to Brown University’s health education website, preventing conflict with a roommate is all about communicating beforehand. ABBY JACKSON | Photo Illustration

ABBY JACKSON | Photo Illustration

There’s no way for you to strengthen a relationship if you are never trying. You must actually spend time with your roommate in order to get closer. There are many activities on campus that both of you might be interested in. Roommate prayer is also a great tool to take advantage of. Gather everyone together at the end of the day for prayer and talk about each other’s days.

5. Communicate

Slam poetry was introduced to BYU-Idaho in Winter Semester 2011. The structure of the traditional slam was started by construction worker and poet Marc Smith in 1986 at a reading series in a Chicago jazz club, according to HAILEY THOMAS | Photo Illustration

HAILEY THOMAS | Photo Illustration

Communication is a big deal. Let your roommate know that you’re in a hurry and that’s why you can’t do the dishes. This one tip will save you a lot of arguments. One helpful tip is to have a main discussion board to write down important messages. You could use a white board or sticky notes to let each other know what you have going on that day.