In the Rexburg winter, it can get unbearably cold, so we tend to naturally lose motivation to exercise. Trainers from two BYU-Idaho student-based health organizations, the Biggest Winner and Fit4Life, came together to help giveBYU-Idaho students tips on how to have a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Get a buddy or a group.

Being held accountable for your actions can help you accomplish any goal you set. Especially if you’re walking in the cold to exercise, you’ll want a few friends to drag you out of bed to hold you accountable to your goal.

  1. Set a time and stick with it.

Mary Diehl, a senior and trainer for the Biggest Winner studying exercise physiology, said to incorporate exercise in to your daily routine. Whether it’s in the morning, after your classes or at night, find a time you can consistently work out.

  1. Stay positive.

If one day you find that you just don’t have time, don’t give up.

“Staying positive is key,” Diehl said.

It’s also crucial to celebrate each small success and to set attainable goals that won’t overwhelm you.

  1. Find your niche.

Going to the gym isn’t for everyone, but staying active is. “It’s an awesome stress reliever,” said Malorie Shaw, a senior and trainer for Fit4Life studying exercise physiology. “Do things that motivate you find something that doesn’t feel like a chore, but is fun for you.” The university has so many different activities, events and recreational and competitive sports that anyone can participate in for free or at a very inexpensive price. “There’s no reason to not get involved,” said Shaw.

  1. Remember the spiritual benefits

Everyone knows that exercising helps you stay physically fit and even helps you stay more attentive in school. Exercising also helps us stay in tune with the spirit. “Our bodies are the house of our spirits, and Heavenly Father has given us the amazing opportunity to be here, and with that comes the responsibility to take care of ourselves,” Shaw said.

In Doctrine and Covenants 89:20, we were promised we “shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.” Will you take up that challenge?