Glo Run_MP08

BYU-Idaho Wellness Activities is on its way to producing the brightest event of the year: the BYU-I Glow 5K Night Run. This event will take place on June 26 at the stadium track. Check-in will be at 7:30 p.m. for all participants.

Tickets for this event will cost $10, with an event T-shirt included in the fee, according to the BYU-I Wellness Activities page.

“There will be three glow stations where runners are squirted with glow paint that is non-toxic and not harmful to skin,” according to the Wellness Activities event Web page. “At the conclusion of the run, there will be blacklights for photos and a free dance at the Hart Stadium.”

Samantha Conklin, the event coordinator and a junior studying exercise physiology, said she wanted to get involved in the Wellness Center and Fitness Center because of her major.

“I just love anything active,” Conklin said. “I participated in this event the first time that it took place, and I had so much fun, I just wanted to be involved in it so that I could see it grow and get everyone to do it and have as much fun as I did.”

Conklin said that the 5K route starts and ends at the BYU-I football stadium, with a trip up to the temple and around campus in-between.

“This isn’t just a regular 5K,” Conklin said. “It is so much more fun. It is an active event that allows any type of person to run a 5k at his or her own pace.”

Conklin said this event is unique because it combines a typical 5K with a twist. Not only are the participants running a 5K, but they are being showered with glow-in-the-dark paint while they are doing it.

“I wouldn’t normally run a 5K for fun, but adding the glow-in-the-dark paint makes it more interesting, like the Color Run,” said Savannah Kei Beadle, a freshman studying social work.

After the 5K, the event isn’t over. There is a blacklight dance and picture station located at the stadium to finish it off, according to the Web page.

Conklin said this will be one of the biggest events all semester and that all students should get involved.

“Everyone should participate in this event,” Conklin said. “It isn’t geared towards only the runners and fitness-crazed, but anyone that wants to be active and feel good. Anyone can do it: walk, run or dance. I know it would be worth it!”

There are also opportunities to volunteer at the event as well as at others. Contact Wellness Activities or visit their “Get Involved” page on their site.