Workday is the university’s new program for keeping track of employees hours.

1. What is Workday?

Workday is intended to give employees an easier access to their professional and personal information, according to the BYU-Idaho Workday FAQ Web page.

2. There is an app available

The Workday app, available for Apple and Android, will allow you to have access through mobile devices or tablets.

3. Trainings available.

There are trainings and support on the Workday website, webinars and training labs.

4. Payday

All non-exempt students and staff will be paid bi-weekly (every other Friday).

5. Where can you use it?

Workday is available to be used on PC and Macs as long as you have a supported browser.

6. Submitting your hours.

At the end of each week by the end of the day Saturday, you must select the time tab, select “This week” and on the calendar tab, push the “Submit” button twice.