There are many days when going to class can be a struggle due to a lack of motivation and the amount of what seems like busy work building up. Here are a few ways to not only go to class, but to get the most out of it.

1. Try to stay alert


Arrive to class awake and ready to learn. If you arrive to class tired and thinking, “This will be the worst class ever,” then that is what it will be. Arrive alert and with a positive attitude. To stay awake, try drinking water and sitting near the front of the classroom.

2. Come prepared to learn

Rachel Zeyer, a freshman studying business communication, works on BrainHoney. BrainHoney is a tool used to organize classes online. LIZBETH JUAREZ | Scroll Photography

LIZBETH JUAREZ | Scroll Photography

Have all that you need for class ready before arriving to class. Being prepared and knowing that everything is put together allows you to think more clearly and to be focused when it comes to class time. Double-check that everything is there before walking out the door .

3. Take notes

love notes, Hayley Langton English Senior

Taking notes of what is being discussed in class is essential. Write down what will make sense specifically to you. Leave spaces in between sections of notes incase any other thoughts or ideas come to mind. Try to write down one side of paper and make notes brief.

4. Participate

HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography

HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography

When participating in class, you are more alert, and more questions come to mind. Allowing yourself to be more open to class discussion causes you to know if you understand what is being taught. Participation allows you to think and develop a thought process that will help in future scenarios.

5. Put away distractions

WILLY ROSE | Photo Illustration According to Sermonitoring, 56% of people in the world own a smartphone and that 80% of smartphone use is spent inside applications, not texting or making phone calls.

WILLY ROSE | Photo Illustration

Being focused is key. Giving all of your undivided attention to a lesson will help immensely. Keep your phone away, only have tabs needed opened on your computer, and try to sit close to the front of the room so you’re able to hear and see materials that are being presented.

6. Review



You won’t learn anything if you don’t commit what you learned in class to memory. You must review what was taught. Go back and look over notes and the chapter in the textbook within 24 hours of taking notes. Make sure to go back and find what you don’t understand, so you can be prepared with questions for the next class.