JOSHUA GERVACIO | Scroll Photography

If studying for finals, preparing for clean checks and arranging travel plans wasn’t enough on a plate for BYU-Idaho students this week, then the line for the Testing Center might do the trick.

Wednesday morning, the line at for Testing Center looped up the stairs of the Manwaring Center to the Sky Bridge connected to the David O. McKay Library.

By noon, the line reached the library and the sky bridge was filling up with more students.

If you will be waiting in the Testing Center line, here are nine things you can do to kill time.

1) Ask someone on a date.

The semester is almost over, so what do you have to lose?

2) Play Pokemon GO.

If everyone in line is studying, this might be your chance to catch em’ all.

3) Make awkward small talk with someone you don’t know.

It’s snowing, it’s cold and you’re both going to the Testing Center. That’s already three things you have in common.

4) Do last minute Christmas shopping.

Cyber Monday has past, so if you procrastinated buying a gift for a parent or sibling, then now is the time.

5) Play I-Spy.

If you are willing to get out of your comfort zone, then take that awkward small talk and make a game out of it.


JOSHUA GERVACIO | Scroll Photography

6) Choreograph a mannequin challenge.

If you feel like the line isn’t moving, this might be the perfect opportunity.

7) Send SOS for food.

If your roommates are willing, send them a text to bring you a bite to eat.

8) Binge watch the first season of your favorite TV show.

You probably won’t be able to finish an entire season, but you should be able to watch a few episodes.

9) You can actually study for your test.

When all is said and done, you will probably have hoped you studied just a little longer while you were in line.