Sister Elaine Wagner is a faculty member of the Department of Mathematics. Here are nine things to know about Sister Wagner before attending devotional.

  1. Sister Wagner graduated from BYU with a degree in mathematics and a minor in logic.
  2. She received a master’s degree in mathematics with distinction from California State University in Fresno.
  3. She taught in the California Community College System.
  4. She received her Doctorate of Education from the University of Idaho, at which point she had been teaching at BYU-Idaho for six years.
  5. She did her dissertation research on the first-semester calculus students at BYU-I.
  6. Sister Wagner spends her time juggling work and family, attending cultural and sporting events that her children participate in, serving in her ward, jogging, surfing and snowboarding.
  7. The hardest and best thing she has ever done is having and raising her children.
  8. She and her husband, Thomas Wagner, have been married for 25 years.
  9. They are the parents of four sons and one daughter.