Larry Weekes was born and raised in Rexburg, ID. He is a third generation dairy farmer. He and his family own dairy and beef cows, several chickens, and two horses. They have an unnamed 16-year-old cat, and two dogs, named Sport and Ivy. His grandfather started his family’s farm, and over time has been left to him. He’s spent his entire life working with animals and trucks preparing for this time for him to continue the farm and pass it on to his family.


Little did you know…

#1- Larry owns 120 acres of land in Rexburg and

Kilgore, Idaho.

#2- Larry is a third generation farmer and has been working on the farm all his life.

#3- Larry has two pregnant cows who are expected to give birth very soon.

#4- Larry has worked in the farm business all his life, ranging from driving a milk truck to what he does today.