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Students at BYU-Idaho know President Kim B. Clark as a president, leader and speaker. But who is he outside of his university duties? Who is President Clark to the people who know him well?

President Clark said he loves to read, spend time with his kids and go on dates with his wife.

Kevin Miyasaki, vice president of Student Services and Activities, said President Clark’s days on campus consist of meetings and appointments, but outside of BYU-I, he is an avid Red Sox fan, a lover of golf, a man of God and an optimist.

Miyasaki said President Clark is a faithful member of the church. He does not only live the Word of Wisdom, but he actively implements holy things into his life.

“He just loves to learn more about truth, more about God,” said Sister Sue Clark, President Clark’s wife.

People know President Clark as a studier of the gospel and a man who strives to do God’s will no matter what.

“He does the little things to make sure he is qualified to have the Spirit,” Miyasaki said.

Miyasaki said one thing President Clark has done to grow closer to the Spirit is eliminating television from his life.

He said President Clark does not watch or even have a television in his home.

Although President Clark is a righteous and respected leader, he has had opposition in his life that has led him to have an understanding of all people and situations.

Miyasaki said President Clark has dealt with mental illness and substance abuse among his children.

“President Clark is a man of faith,” Miyasaki said.

President Clark always starts his devotionals by saying “It’s another great day at BYU-Idaho,” and Miyasaki said that simple phrase depicts his character.

President Clark said that is a motto he tries to live by and is the attitude he has approaching each new day.

“Anytime we face difficulties, I’m always amazed at his attitude that ‘This is an opportunity,’” Miyasaki said.

Sister Clark said her husband takes joy in their 23 grandchildren and are expecting their 24th grandchild in July.

She also said she and her husband love having family reunions.

“We like family reunions because that means we are all together,” Sister Clark said.

When President and Sister Clark lived in Boston, they had a family tradition of weekly Sunday dinners with their kids.

Four of their children live in Utah, and the other three are spread out over the United States.

President Clark said their family has started a new tradition of having birthday dinners. They go wherever the majority of their kids meet up and have nice birthday dinners with their family.

“That’s a really fun tradition,” President Clark said.

Instagram is an online family tradition of theirs.

President Clark said they like to stay in touch through Instagram and see what is going on with each other.

President and Sister Clark attend the temple once a week, either Saturday mornings or in the evenings.

Miyasaki said President Clark’s biggest focus in life is doing Heavenly Father’s will.

“Even when he talks about his experience at Harvard, he will reflect on how much he depended on Heavenly Father’s will,” Miyasaki said.

Miyasaki said President Clark has always been an inspiration to him. Miyasaki said he has never worked with anyone as smart as President Clark.

“It doesn’t matter what topic,” Miyasaki said. “He’s well read. It inspires me to realize I use a small capacity of my brain compared to him.”

Many have noticed that President Clark is always in tune with the Spirit and heeds to it in everything he does.

Miyasaki said President Clark is holy, humble and steadfast and it has been a blessing to know him, serve with him and be edified by him.

“I have deep and fond emotions and love for him,” Miyasaki said.