Improving one’s college experience and developing personal skills by getting involved in extracurricular activities on campus is only a few clicks or steps away for students at BYU-Idaho.

“While an education does require a lot of time in the classroom, it also includes finding experiences outside of the classroom that make an education complete,” according to the BYU-I Student Activities Web page.

The activities offered on campus are opportunities for students to develop into their best, most interesting selves by taking an active role in these student-led organizations, according to the Student Activities Web page

Shannon Sturgess, a junior studying elemantary education, and a receptionist in the Student Activities office, located in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center, said she assists students on campus in finding what they are looking for within the activities center.

“I volunteered for Life Skills five semesters ago,” Sturgess said. “My sister was involved, and she got me involved. Later I became a manager over Life Skills.”

Sturgess said getting involved in on-campus programs such as Life Skills, sports and the Outdoor Learning Center is a way to gain experience in leading peers and managing events.

“It’s also helped me to prioritize my time and focus, and excel and be more balanced,” Sturgess said.

Cavin Duffin, a senior studying mechanical engineering, said he tried pond skimming a couple semesters ago and had a great time and met a lot of fun people.

Duffin said he enjoyed being involved in flag football, bowling, volleyball and basketball. He said these extracurricular activities gave him a break from his rigorous school schedule, helped him release stress and ultimately helped him perform better in class.

“I learned leadership and organization skills,” Duffin said. “Any game or sport requires planning and strategies, and you need to be able to execute.”

Sturgess said she has seen students change and develop by being involved in student activities.

“I got one of my good friends to join Life Skills last semester to help me,” Sturgess said. “As he decided to fully immerse himself into the activities, especially Life Skills, he found so many other ways to be involved. It has made him so much happier. He is finding so many connections and making a lot of       new friends.”

Duffin said registration for sports is easy. He said the hardest part after registration is managing time between classes and activities.

Duffin said participating in activities makes him feel like he has accomplished more at the end of the semester than just straight A’s.

“Athletics is a wonderful way to make friends, improve your athletic skills and experience team camaraderie,” according to USA TODAY. “It may even lead to professional athletic opportunities in the future.”

Sturgess said students should get involved and see what the campus has to offer. She said students should enjoy their time in college.

“This is the only time you will be at BYU-I,” Sturgess said. “This is a short time, and it is fun to take advantage of those things that you would never have a chance to do any other time.”

Sturgess said students can learn new skills and learn new things to help in their futures. She said activities are inexpensive and that it is a good opportunity to meet people and to get to know      the campus.

To learn more about Student Activities, visit their Web page at, or call 208-496-7300.