SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

Spring semester ends July 23, and the fall semester doesn’t start until September 14, which means the population of Rexburg will decrease dramatically as students go home for the seven-week break, according to KPVI news Web page.

Although a great majority of the population leaves for the summer, the city of Rexburg and surrounding cities offer plenty of activities and events to keep families and students who stay behind busy.

Every year, Madison County hosts a fair for the citizens of Rexburg and surrounding counties, according to the Madison County Family Fair Web page.

The fair will be held Aug. 12-15 and will offer a variety of activities suited for all age groups.

Eugene Wolfley, a past chairman of the Madison County Fair, said the event offers many ways for students to be involved.

“The fair has rides that the students can use,” Wolfley said. “The students can also be involved in any of the commercial booths, the rodeo or the different craft booths at the fair.”

Wolfley said the fair is a great opportunity for art and photography students to submit their work and have it on display.

Wolfley said the fair is free of admission charges and offers a variety of activities for single students and families.

Besides attending the county fair, citizens of Rexburg can travel an hour and a half to visit Yellowstone, the U.S.’s first national park, and see the wonders and beauty it holds.

People have connected with the Yellowstone area for over 11,000 years, and many of the natural landscapes and buildings have been preserved because of their rich history, according to the Yellowstone National Park Service Web page.

Taylor Hancock, a sophomore studying art, said she would recommend visiting Yellowstone because it is peaceful and beautiful.

“It was really great to get away from everything and just enjoy God’s creations,” Hancock said.

The Museum of Idaho is another way for students to stay entertained during the seven-week break.

The museum offers exhibits about the history of Idaho along with exhibits that change every six months.

The museum has featured exhibits with theme such as: bodies, King Tut,  guitars, and “Race to the End of the Earth”, which discussed the explorers who were trying to first reach the south pole, as well as others according to the Museum of Idaho Web page.

The museum’s current exhibit, “Real Pirates,” which is an exhibit from the National Geographic, will be on display from May 8 to Nov. 28. The exhibit features more than 200 authentic artifacts from the 18th century pirate ship the Whydah.

There are also plenty of outdoor activities to choose from, for those who would prefer something in nature to do for the seven-week break.

Amber Kerstetter, a junior studying early childhood special education, said she and her friends enjoy tubing down the river to keep cool during the seven-week break.

“Bridge jumping and tubing can be very dangerous, but the thrill is in the activity,” Kerstetter said. “I love going with a big group of friends and taking the time to relax from my college stresses.”