Rexburg may be lacking in the snow department this year but the local mountains are open and offer plenty of new snow.

Within the last week at Grand Targhee, the resort has received a total of five inches of snow.

Kelly Canyon has gotten three inches of snow at the bottom of the mountain and four inches at the top.

There are a number of different places you can go to get your ski and snowboarding equipment.

While renting brings affordability to one of Idaho’s most popular winter activities, so does buying  the equipment.

Grand Targhee and Kelly Canyon are the closest resorts to Rexburg and offer rental packages for both skiing and snowboarding. Grand Targhee charges $39 for either the Ski package or the snowboarding package.

Kelly Canyon charges $18 for a ski package and $27 for a snowboarding package. Boots, bindings, skis, and poles or the board and bindings are all included. Just wear what will keep you warm, and they have the rest.

SledShed caters to boarders only. They offer a snowboard package for a total of $25 a day.

If you’re looking for a better deal or plan on going out more than a cole of times during the season, the SledShed offers a special snowboard package lease.  You receive a 15 percent discount after picking out your board, binding and boots; then you pay half of the total price. Classes are offered by the university so that students can have the opportunity to ski or snowboard at Grand Targhee.

Students can choose what day they would like to go to the resort. They are put in to gros based on their skill level: Beginner, Intermediate or Expert. A ski instructor is with the gro for the first hour and after that, everyone can choose to either ski by themselves or ski with whomever that want. These classes  give students the opportunity to improve their skills and meet others.


By: Greg Grant