BYU-Idaho Outdoor Activities held an airboarding trip for students Jan. 18.

An airboard is an inflatable sled that can reach high speeds and offers a slalom style ride with fast and easy turning, according to the BYU-I Outdoor Activities Web page.

Valerie Bliler, a freshman studying biology, said the event took place near the border of Montana and Idaho in Targhee National Forest. She said there were nine participants and two guides. She said she enjoyed the experience.

“I liked being able to airboard all the way down the mountain on the way back to the van,” Bliler said.

Jacie Mustard, a freshman studying communication, said she went with a few roommates and that she enjoyed the fast-paced nature of airboarding.

“My roommates and I looked up videos before we went, and from the video’s perspective, it looked super dangerous and really fast,” Mustard said. “In reality, it was really awesome, and it was fast. But we had an amazing time.”

Mustard said she had to use snowshoes to walk up a mountain before she could have the experience of airboarding down the mountain.

“I didn’t expect to hike a long ways and then airboard,” Mustard said. “But now I understand that to get the best distance and snow, you have to hike a ways. I can at least say that I’ve done snowshoeing and airboarding now.”

Mustard said the hike was definitely worth it.

“The snow was so beautiful and pristine on the mountain, and the view at the top was breathtaking,” Mustard said. “It was hard because we were trekking in pretty deep snow, and you would get sweaty and hot, so you have to shed a layer or two. Then it would get cold again, and would have to stop and put on another layer. But, I would definitely do it again. The experience was truly amazing.”

Mustard said she loves being outdoors because it helps bring her peace.

“It’s fresh, beautiful, and it’s God’s world,” Mustard said. “Being outside gives me freedom to just be myself, and when I am feeling stressed, then I go outside to help me relax.”

She said others should consider going on an airboarding trip.

“It is a neat opportunity to meet new people and try something new that you would never think of doing,” Mustard said. “The best part was being with friends, making new ones, going down the mountain at pretty fast speeds and laughing and having a great time.”

Additional airboarding trips are scheduled later in the semester. Dates can be found on the BYU-I Outdoor Activities Web page.