On Saturday, April 2, Deseret Book at City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, is celebrating general conference and their 150 year anniversary with popular LDS artists and authors.

Heather Graves has worked at Deseret Book for over six years and has attended multiple events like this.

“Every Saturday conference, we have a bunch of artists and authors and musicians here,” Graves said. “At different times of the day, they rotate and give customers the opportunity to meet and greet them even if they are from a different part of the country.” 

Graves said they have been doing events like this for over 25 years every conference weekend.

Alex Boye performed then signed copies of his album for customers. Also in attendance was Chris Williams, author of the book, “Just Let Go,” as well as Misti Stevenson, author of the book, “He Delivered Even Me.”

Others for the meet and greet included John Bytheway, Ardeth Capp and Al Fox Carraway.

“We have some extra special giveaways we haven’t revealed yet for later tonight,” Graves said. ” There are more artists and authors than any other year.”