All Star Volleyball
By. Craig Handy

BYU-Idaho’s Volleyball players took to the court this past Friday to show off their skills and abilities in their All-Star game.

The event started off with skill competitions where a one person had to sit a chair while their partner hit a ball at them to catch. Next the team would try to hit in volleyball in a hula-hoop; then tried hitting a ball in a basket. The winners would be the team of Karaska Crow and Brandon Smith of the Spartans.

Next the volleyball players did their best impression of dunk contest with a volleyball twist to it. Once everyone got going there was no holding back. All the stops were pulled out to try to win the event. Although the action was fierce Justin Andelin of the Knights was able to find a way to win the volley off contest.

Justin Andelin
First off was to hit the ball hard. I was trying to be creative with some of my other talents; of doing gymnastics and flips. So I figured I would combine the two; both my dreams and my love of volleyball and gymnastics, so I put them both together.

The first game of the night belongs to the ladies and they didn’t disappoint anyone that attended.

The first game started off with the Westside jumping out to a 4-0 lead however it didn’t take long for the Eastside to come back to tie the game. At the close of the first set the Eastside was in total control when the Westside stages an unbelievable comeback to take the first set 27-25. Eastside was able to force a third and final set where they held on to win two sets to one.

Janae Anderson of the Titans and Ellie Harward of the Knights played a major a role in the West side comeback victory.

Janae Anderson
Just the love of volleyball, like if you love it, and then you’ll fight for a win. And that’s what it’s all about I think.

Ellie Harward
I think, ya the same, to remember that were all here because we all love volleyball. To be positive and just have fun, I think that’s what it’s all about in the end is having fun.

The men’s team was next and just like the women’s game before, this one would come down to the wire. The Eastside stages a major comeback to win the first set however the Westside then takes the last two sets to win the game.

Reporting from the Hart gymnasium, I’m Craig Handy, Scroll Digital.