Kelsi McCabe

KELSI MCCABE | Scroll Photography

Police located two lost children from Nampa, Idaho, who had been missing since Monday, May 18, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Idaho Police found the children with the help of an Amber Alert, which described the suspect’s appearance and vehicle description.

A motorist in Washington called to tell police she believed she had found the car which matched the description on the Amber Alert, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Police stopped Joshua Reavis, who drove away with his children, 3-year-old Slevin Reavis and 2-year-old Estaleyn Reavis, after his wife, Brittni Reavis, told him she wanted a divorce, according to KTVB, an NBC affiliate in Boise, Idaho.

Although Joshua Reavis is a legal guardian of the children, police were worried for the children’s safety because of Reavis’ mental health and statements he made to the children’s mother before taking them, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Reavis is now in custody on charges of custodial interference, according to Sgt. Joe Ramirez of the Nampa Police Department.

The children’s mother contacted police about the dispute with her husband. The Amber Alert to locate the children was released on Wednesday, May 19, after the father had not returned home with the children, according to the Idaho Statesman.

The children’s mother commented about her feelings before the children were found.

“I’ve been worried that they were scared,” Brittni Reavis said. “I knew that he didn’t have money, so I was hoping that they were fed but … I’ve had every terrible thought, every possibility go through my mind. I just want to hug them.”