KILEY ALLEN | Scroll Photography

KILEY ALLEN | Scroll Photography

Two Amsterdam entrepreneurs visited Rexburg Thursday, Sept. 17 on a tour through the western United States to demonstrate an Amsterdam-style technique to enhance the quality of jeans.

Members of the Rexburg community lined up and brought worn out jeans to Meinert Kooistra, CEO and Founder of Modaculture, an Amsterdam based clothing company, and Ben Fokkema, widely known as the “denim doctor,” to help improve the quality of their jeans.

Fokkema began the demonstration with wrapping a pair of jeans around a pole and dipping it half way into a vat of boiling water, mixed with 200-year-old crushed oak chips. He then showed the before and after effects shown in the jeans.

“There is denim, and then there is amsterdenim,” Fokkema said.

Modaculture’s dedication is to helping people find European brands and styles that fit their personal preference, according to its website.

“I want this product to be available to everyone,” Kooistra said. “You can’t find better assurance and quality than what has been made here.”

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