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According to a KUTV 2 News report by Dan Rascon, a new version of The Blind Side exists in Ephraim, Utah. Number 74, Garett Bolles, is a 22-year-old 6′ 5″, 209 pound offensive lineman and is one of the most-recruited junior college players in the country, with 18 offers from colleges around the nation — including Kansas, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, BYU and Oregon.

Bolles is also LDS.

Rascon said that gaining success was a painful process for Bolles.

Bolles was kicked out or suspended from five schools during his teenage years, according to the KUTV news report. He got into drugs, alcohol, crime and even spent some time in jail.

According to Rascon, on August 26, 2011, Bolles was kicked out of his house and standing on the side of the street with nowhere to go. All he had was a couple of duffle bags with clothes.

That is when Greg Freeman, a neighbor, happened to be driving by and stopped to check on Bolles.

“I knew exactly what happened,” Freeman said. He knew of the trouble within the Bolles home and figured Bolles’s dad had had enough.

Freeman called his wife Emily.

“My first thought was to pray, so I hung up the phone, and I just knelt down,” said Emily Freeman. “A really strong confirmation came: bring him home. So I called Greg and said ‘Pack up his stuff, and bring him home’ … the God I believe in gives people second chances.”

And that is exactly what they gave Bolles.

This is why Bolles is such a fan of the movie, The Blind Side, according to KUTV. It is a true story of professional NFL football player Michael Oher, who was homeless and taken in by a family and given a second chance.

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