Story by Hannah Merrifield.

Courtesy Photo from Jerren Devine

Question and Answer, a local-up-and-coming alternative band, will not leave you questioning their talent this Saturday night in Rexburg as they take the stage at the Romance Theater.

Jerren Devine, the lead singer for Question and Answer and a sophomore studying business, is excited and humbled to be living out his musical dreams.

It was during Devine’s freshman year of high school, in his hometown of Rigby, Idaho, that he first met his band mate and friend Casey Spain, who plays lead guitar for Question and Answer.

Devine said the first band he ever saw in concert, We Shot the Moon, was at the Romance Theater. When Question and Answer played a sold out show at the Romance Theater for the first time, it was an incredible full-circle experience.

“When I was younger, I thought playing the Romance was so cool, and now my band and I are the ones that get to do it,” Devine said. “It’s awesome.”

Devine first met Jackson Sellers, the drummer for Question and Answer, while at BYU-Idaho.

Devine also met Zach Wilson, bass player for Question and Answer, at BYU-I, but got to know him even better as they served alongside each other in the same mission in Brazil.

Together the four musicians form Question and Answer and are known to work hard and rock even harder.

“If your ears are ringing really bad after practice, you know it was a good practice,” Devine said.

Question and Answer is currently working on releasing an album in early April with producer and musician John Alred.

“There will be some new stuff on the album that we are excited to release,” Devine said.

Along with the release of their new album, Question and Answer is also planning to do a tour of the west coast this spring.

“I just love playing shows and traveling,” Devine said.

Eventually Devine would like to try his hand at producing, but for now he is soaking up every moment of his journey with Question and Answer.

“I still can’t believe that music is my job,” Devine said. “It’s crazy.”