Apple anounces iOS 10

Apple announced the release of iOS 10 earlier today, June 13 at the Worldwide Developers Conferences in San Francisco.

They focused on ten new and redesigned areas, according to the Macworld website.

iOS 10 will be tested in July and will become available in the autumn 2016. It will be free to update, according to the Macworld website.

The changes will be available to iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus.The update will also be available for most iPads, according to the iOS 10 Guide website.

“Apple has done it, they have created a Siri SDk which means you can order Siri to follow more commands than you could before,” according to the iOS10 Guide website. “Now third-party apps like Yelp, OpenTable, WeChat, Slack, and WhatsApp, can be operated by Siri.”

The emojis in the iMessage will be bigger and will be incorporated into text messages that are predictive, according to the Macworld website.

The music app will compete with Spotify, according to the iOS Guide website.

“By the looks of it, the app is very clean and easily navigable,” according to the iOS Guide website. “Some of the highlights are the new ‘Downloaded Music’ tab and the ‘For You’ section which recommends users with new songs every day. The app is going to be constantly updated for smooth functioning.”

Users will be able to respond to their notifications without unlocking their phone, with a 3D touch, according to the iOS Guide website.

“The new Photos App allows features that Google Photos had already incorporated last year,” according to the iOS Guide website. “Users can now, access features like face recognition, sorting by date, place and person, object recognition, clustering among other things.”

The maps will allow users to search for a restaurant and make a reservation while on the app and there will be suggested locations, according to the Macworld website.

“The Apple News app has become much more efficient than in the last OS,” according to the iOS Guide website. “Previously, the stories that appeared were a random collection of news but now news is divided into sections that aren’t random and makes sense.”

Siri will have a QuickType function, meaning it will type everything the user says, and if someone asks the user’s location, Siri will have access to the maps and other apps to assist in the typing, according to the Macworld website.

“If you open up Home, you’ll see all your HomeKit-compatible accessories, no matter which company makes them, and you can easily control them all from one hub,” according to the Macworld website. “Many of these will have 3D Touch shortcuts: you can force-tap and slide on a dimmer app, for instance, to adjust light levels.”


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